Independent Trading Desk: - 

We are an independent trading desk equipped with data-fueled automated media buying and optimization techniques. Our Real time algorithmic bidding is complemented by human intelligence and data analytics to effectively manage data.

Our RTB desk is plugged into all demand-side platforms and sell-side platforms globally, including Google Ad Exchange (AdX), Facebook (FBX), Rubicon, PubMatic, AppNexus and more. The platform offers ability to run ads across Computers, Tablets and Mobile. We serve over 4 billion ad impressions daily.

Our vision is to deliver the Most Relevant Ad Experience to Consumers across Devices, and drive results for Marketers in the process. We leverage the power of Real Time Bidding to gain access to massive volumes of display inventory across premium, niche and long tail websites globally. Our trading desk leverages precision targeting and intelligence to deliver Engagement & ROI at scale for our advertisers


Private market place for publishers: -

​We have created a robust private marketplace for our publishers. Our campaigns enjoy maximum yield out of this private market place. We have over 200 + managed publishers serving ad impressions across US, CA, AU and Europe. This market place is offered as a managed service to our publishers. It serves as a plug and play delivery mechanism for our live campaigns, hence digital optimization simplified.​ Our private marketplace allows our publishers to monetize inventory via programmatic sales channels and direct sales channels. In addition, our private market place can handle all or some of your inventory, optimizing across partners and sales channels to give you best possible CPMs.