Consumption of online, tablet and smartphone video content is exploding. Reaching the right person on the right connected device, at the right time and in the right place is an ongoing challenge for brand advertisers. Reaching your audience with digital video doesn't have to be difficult. DigiDesk Media simplifies the complexity of multi-screen digital brand video advertising, and streamlines many of its processes. We make it possible to reach your audience with custom interactive digital video ads, at-scale, across multiple connected devices. Our unique combination of sophisticated technology, embedded software, premium publishers, and proven results offer brand advertisers the most effective solution for running digital video brand ad campaigns across multiple screen types.

We help publishers and developers maximize their video ad revenue by providing the best technology, services, and science to efficiently monetize video inventory. We monetize video content by add engaging videos and get high CPM rates through a range of premium brand campaigns from around the world. We serve over 8 billion monthly video ad impressions across the globe. We have huge inventory avails for pre-rolls and in-banner across the top English speaking countries and Europe.


DigiDesk’s Video product allows advertisers to participate in the video advertising revolution.